Looking for the perfect prom dress?

With prom approaching, the search for the perfect dress is always stressful. So that’s why I’m here!

Noticed above, I have 3 fabulous couture dress suggestions from newbie designer Michael Costello from project runway!

Michael has been on everyone’s body lately. His designs were featured during NYFW and also at a lot of this years red carpet events!

Remember the white laced gown Beyoncé wore at the 2014 Grammys? Yup, Michael Costello.

Wouldn’t you want a red carpet look for your prom? You may be wondering how much these dresses are, and surprisingly the starting price is $800!

Turn one of these fabulous couture dresses into your dream prom dress just in time for your big day!

After all, prom is almost as big as your wedding!

Contact Stephanie Costello (Co Designer) for your perfect prom dress NOW!
phone: (213)-689-3020

You can also follow Michael’s personal Instagram account @ Michael Costello and his design account @ MTCOSTELLO

a series of stupidly gorgeous collections
ziad nakad fall/winter 2014 couture| part 2


ZIAD NAKAD Fall/Winter 2014 

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PAVONI Couture Spring/Summer 2013



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